About Us

Infrasis Information Technologies is an engineering company that started its commercial life at the beginning of 2012. The company develops high-level services and solutions with the partnership of the world’s leading manufacturers and employees with high technical qualifications for the security, efficiency, continuity, affective use, improvement and regulation of information resources. Also, network and information security, business continuity, virtualization, network infrastructure and integrated data systems, disaster recovery centers applications and designs are some of the other services of the company.

Infrasis Information Technologies has successfully completed many large and complex projects with its qualified human resources, fund of knowledge, field experience and expertises  since the day it was founded. Also, the company continues its services in similar projects.

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  • Our Mission
    Our aim is to be a respected company that meets the expectations at the highest level by producing high quality, sustainable, reliable services and right solutions for customers and also gives the importance to human resources, ethical principles, moral values and continuous development and creates difference and value with services and engineering solutions.
  • Our Vision
    Our vision is to be among the world’s leading technology companies with its engineering-oriented, pioneering solutions and approaches in the fields of information technology.


  • Honesty and accuracy are our top priority values in all of our business processes.
  • We respect all humanity and living things, life.
  • We act selfless to take necessary actions to enable our employees to work in a healthy, safe, happy and peaceful environment and to improve themselves.
  • We respect differences and consider them as wealth. We reject every discrimination.
  • We act in accordance with ethical principles and ethical values.
  • We feel responsibility to glorify our country, our company and the values of humanity.
  • We value different ideas and common mind, we produce engineering-oriented, rational solutions.
  • We give the highest level of importance to our customers' satisfaction, we respond to their expectations by producing high quality services and solutions.
  • We provide our services professionally with our expert staff with high technical and managerial skills without any prejudice.
  • We complete the works what we have committed to do, on time and to the highest standard.
  • We believe that success will only be with people with our human-oriented management approach.
  • With a democratic management approach, we operate as an organization that is open to learning and open to criticism.
  • We believe in the power of healthy and strong communication, know the importance of working as a team, develop team spirit and strive to make this spirit permanent.
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